Creativity meets
unlimited possibility.

Our mission at fabriik: get you on your blockchain journey without a massive investment. We’ve made it simple for you to create and transfer digital assets on the BitcoinSV protocol. It’s all in one place and there’s no coding. Be it a smart contract, a DAPP, your company’s loyalty program, or whatever you dream up. fabriik is your one stop shop for tokenization.

What is tokenization on blockchain:

Tokenization is the process of splitting a typically difficult to trade asset into a unique, immutable and transferable digital asset.

Tokens (or digital assets) can be almost anything. But, to be exchangeable, it should have some value to someone else across your business.

That value doesn't have to equate to money. A token can have value as a reward or a token can split an asset that would normally be difficult to trade, turning it into a unique, immutable and transferable asset.

There are three types of assets:

Intangible assets

This isn't a physical asset. It exists only as a value whose ownership can be exchanged. Like a loyalty program, copyrights, carbon credits, contracts, etc.

Fungible assets

These are assets that never change in their core components. Think about gold or wheat or most commodities. No matter how many times you split an ounce of gold, it will always be gold.

Non-fungible assets

These are assets that can’t be broken down into pieces and traded making them typically not easily tradeable (illiquid). Imagine trying to sell the Mona Lisa after you cut it into a million pieces? Once you alter the state of a non-fungible asset the value of the asset can be greatly reduced.

With fabriik, you can now turn any of these assets into a digital representation of itself. And offer it up for trading, record keeping or any other number of possibilities. The best part? You don’t need to invest in a blockchain consultant, a team of developers or have any programming knowledge at all.

The possibilities for creating tokens for what you need are endless. The sky’s the limit.

And for now, we're only offering the ability to create pure utility tokens, one of the two types of digital assets.

Why fabriik?

Endless Possibilities

Build a loyalty program or digitize your assets. However you want to exchange value, fabriik facilitates near limitless simultaneous, low-cost transactions.


Launch your program without hiring a team of developers. Leave that to us. You’ve got business to take care of.


A process so simple that your ideas can be out in the real world in no time at all.

Create a token in less than five minutes:

  1. Sign up (all you need is an email and password)
  2. Verify your email
  3. Create a username for your paymail address
    What is paymail?
  4. Create your utility token (name, code & quantity)

Transfer a token in three easy steps:

  1. Enter paymail or BSV address of recipient
  2. Enter the number of tokens you’d like to transfer
  3. Enter your transfer code

It’s that simple. But don’t worry, if you have any trouble along the way there’s a team to help you at fabriik support.

The Bayesian Group


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