Who is Fabriik?

Reimagine Prosperity.

We are weaving a future of finance where we can all thrive. We believe that transforming the fabric of these global systems will further the probability of positive change. That’s why we are building Fabriik, to open access to a marketplace where anyone can transform, hold, trade, and grow any asset they own.

Our Mission

We’re evolving the financial system for the billions locked out and the billions locked in. Open access to a marketplace where anyone can transform, hold, trade and grow any asset they own.

What Interconnected Business Units Power Fabriik?

The Fabriik marketplace will be fully interconnected and powered by four key cornerstones:

  • Custody: A multi-asset custodian that holds, acts, and reports on all assets, giving you security and control. As part of this Fabriik Tokenization provides a simple way to create and transfer digital assets on the BitcoinSV protocol.
  • Exchange: Limitless ways to tokenize and trade anything you desire.
  • Markets: Smart digital asset services via market making, liquidity provision, and OTC services.
  • Bayesian Fund SPC: An alpha-generating, AI-powered hedge fund that leverages proprietary algorithms to provide outsized returns to its institutional investors
Who is The Bayesian Group?

The Bayesian Group is the parent company of Fabriik.

What is Fabriik’s ecosystem?

Our world is full of systems. Systems that are outdated, inefficient, siloed, and over-complicated. Systems that impact industries, from finance to healthcare, and food to real estate.

The first iteration of our ecosystem is designed to accomplish a seemingly simple function: allow anyone to create and exchange tokens without having to know any code. The platform provides a safe, secure, and simple structure, which is why we are starting with allowing users to create ‘pure utility tokens’ that neither possess nor represent monetary value, which makes a perfect starting point for this exciting new platform.

Where are you located?

Fabriik is a global company but our headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario.