Fabriik Exchange

The new, simple, swift, and seamless digital asset trading experience


No more over-complicated platforms that prevent you from keeping your edge. Fabriik Exchange offers a unique, fresh, and intuitive experience to help you buy and sell digital assets faster. Our trading platform makes deposits and withdrawals simple and helps you to keep track of your digital assets in one place.

Fabriik Exchange is part of our enhanced liquidity ecosystem, designed for the pace of tomorrow.

Why choose Fabriik Exchange



FINCEN registered Money Service Business.



All Assets are held by a Qualified Custodian.



Using the world’s most advanced trading surveillance system.


Innovative technology

Built on blockchain technology for real-time, online access and complete transparency for your security.


Trader-led design

Our fresh and intuitively designed trading platform puts your needs first.


Competitive & clear pricing

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry and take account of market changes and risk.

As easy as 1,2,3.

1. Register

Register an account and verify your identify.

2. Deposit

Fund your account with your chosen currency.

3. Trade

Buy, sell and withdraw.

How to be ahead of the trading curve

Candlestick charts have been around for centuries and their movements impact individual traders’ actions and the direction of the whole market. Ready to learn more about the patterns and their origin?

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