Stay one step ahead of the digital asset curve with direct access to deep, diversified and global liquidity.



What we do

Fabriik Markets combines innovative technology with exceptional customer care to provide unrivalled services, with fast transaction speeds and industry-leading market prices.

Our services

Trading Desk

Whether you’re an institutional or individual investor, our premier-class concierge service makes buying and selling large amounts of digital assets a seamless experience.

Trading API

Our Trading API offers a programmatic way of trading digital assets. 

Market Making

Our Market Marking service uses our proprietary trading systems to place buy/sell orders 24/7, boosting liquidity for digital assets. 

Why choose Fabriik


Our traders are ready to execute within seconds of your request.


Our team includes experienced traders, who have been trading for many years and who, along with our algo, are constantly monitoring the market. 


Our dedicated team of wealth managers are available to help with your trading requirements. 


We leverage exclusive trading algorithms, developed by our in-house specialists, to achieve optimal trade execution.


Trade, convert, and manage your assets, in our regulated and fully compliant environment.

Full-service ecosystem

Built on blockchain technology, our full-service ecosystem is designed for the pace of tomorrow. Learn about our complementary services.  

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