Market Making

Let our proprietary algorithms boost liquidity for your digital assets.


What we do

Our Market Making service uses our in-house programmatic trading systems to place buy/sell orders 24/7.

Market makers play a fundamental role by simultaneously quoting buy and sell prices for digital assets on an exchange. This activity thickens the order book for that given trading pair, which makes it easy for traders to see the true price and reduces the spread between the buy and the sell orders. By quoting prices on different exchanges, market makers increase overall market efficiency.


Why choose our Market Making service

Cross-exchange hedging

Leverage deep liquidity sources.

Thicker order books

For reduced spread and slippage.

Global currencies

We support all major fiat currencies.

Bespoke service

Our dedicated team tailor the service to your changing needs.

Launching a new token or trading pair?

If you’re launching a new token to compete directly with another that provides similar utility, it’s very daunting and creates a barrier to enter the market. Our service makes sure your token has the liquidity needed to give it a fair chance, based on quality, not just popularity, to succeed and grow in a very competitive market.

When introducing a new trading pair, the risk of low liquidity is again very common and can limit your ability to trade that pair profitably. Our purpose-built algorithms help to minimize price slippage and we’ll tailor our market making service to work for your business.

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