Market Making

We use a proprietary algorithmic trading platform called PI that allows us to continuously place buy/sell orders for a particular digital asset trading pair. This results in a thick order book that boosts liquidity and reduces spread.

Market makers play a fundamental role in the digital asset markets by simultaneously quoting buy and sell prices for assets on an exchange. This activity thickens the order book for that given trading pair, which makes it easy for traders to see the true price of that trading pair and reduces the spread between the buy and the sell orders.

In addition, by quoting prices on different exchanges and arbitraging away inter-market inefficiencies, market makers increase overall market efficiency.


Launching a new token or trading pair

At its core Market Making gives each token a fair chance to succeed and grow in a very competitive market.

We help by ensuring your token has the liquidity needed for people to buy and sell when they want.

This is especially important for brand new tokens that provide utility over other existing tokens in the market. Competing directly with another token that provides similar utility is very daunting and creates a barrier to enter the market. Our service allows you to level the playing field and win based on the quality of token not just based on popularity.

Increase liquidity of a specific trading pair

When introducing a new trading pair the risk of low liquidity is very common and can limit your ability to offer that pair profitably. Our purpose-built algorithms ensure slippage is kept to a minimum. We support all major fiat currencies and will custom build market making that works for your business.

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