Trading API

Get instant access to diverse pools of liquidity, through our easy-to-use, reliable, 24/7 API.


What we do

Our Trading API offers a programmatic way of trading digital assets leveraging the same exclusive, proprietary algorithms as our Trading Desk service to generate the best quote prices. We facilitate crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions. 


Trade first, settle second. 

Through our API you can: 

  • Buy and sell digital assets. 
  • Place fixed-rate transactions. 
  • View completed trades history. 
  • Monitor asset balances. 
  • Daily streamlined net settlements.  

Why choose our Trading API

Locked-in fixed rates

We’ll quote you a fixed price.

Deep liquidity pools

Industry-leading prices across a variety of currency pairs and digital assets.

Crypto-to-fiat transactions

Seamless fiat on and off ramps.

24/7 availability

Our API is available 24/7.

Digital assets supported

BTC, ETH, BSV and a number of other digital assets.

Fiat currencies supported


Secondary Market - Coingeek

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Fabriik Markets, LLC is registered with FinCEN as a Money Service Business MSB. There may be restrictions on the provision of services depending on your location and/or residency. Please review our website for more information.

Trading and investment in digital assets involves a substantial risk of loss. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose. This content does not constitute investment advice and does not make recommendations on the suitability of a particular asset class, strategy, or course of action. You should consider seeking professional advice.