Trading Desk

We’re not your typical digital asset Trading Desk. We provide a premier-class concierge experience in a secure, compliant environment for investors looking to trade, grow, and convert large orders.


What we do

Our crypto trading desk makes markets across a variety of digital assets. We’ll quote you all-in execution prices, including competitive fees, full transparency and no slippage. We facilitate crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions. 

Why choose our Trading Desk

Global liquidity pools

Industry-leading prices & quotes for the top traded digital assets.


Our system uses exclusive proprietary trading algorithms.


Our quotes are all-in, and our fees are competitive.

Exceptional customer care

Our dedicated team of account executives are available to assist with your trading requirements

Regulated & Compliant

We’re registered with FinCen to ensure customer protection.

Digital assets supported

BTC, ETH, BSV and a number of other digital assets.

Fiat currencies supported


What is an OTC trading desk?

Crypto OTC trading desks conduct over-the-counter trades with their clients. Rather than matching buyers and sellers programmatically in an open exchange, a trading desk acts as a dealer for anyone looking to buy or sell assets. This is ideal for large clients, individuals or institutions, looking to place large orders that could potentially impact the market price. Clients can speak directly with a team of traders and agree the trade price and details.

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Fabriik Markets, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company, corporate number 4395718. The company’s head office is 1460 Broadway, Suite 10002, New York, NEW YORK, 10036.

Fabriik Markets, LLC is registered with FinCEN as a Money Service Business MSB. There may be restrictions on the provision of services depending on your location and/or residency. Please review our website for more information.

Trading and investment in digital assets involves a substantial risk of loss. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose. This content does not constitute investment advice and does not make recommendations on the suitability of a particular asset class, strategy, or course of action. You should consider seeking professional advice.