Your simplest BSV wallet.

Swipe your way through the digital world.

Money Button just got better!

You can now trade top cryptos directly from your wallet with Fabriik Weave, including BSV, BTC, ETH & more!

For a seamless digital finance life

Buy BSV easily from any device

Trade other crypto from your wallet

Pay & tip with a single swipe

Sign into apps seamlessly

Wondering why BSV is our base currency?

Always low transaction costs

Ultra fast transaction speed

Secure blockchain technology

We’ve teamed up with great partners who offer shopping, trading, and more!

Why our community loves Money Button

A single swipe to pay, tip, or sign in

Get your custom & unique paymail

Keep track of all you activity

Simple, intuitive user experience

Helping you stay safe with your unique mnemonic.

Your Money Button wallet has the added security of a 12-word mnemonic passphrase to confirm your identity should you forget or lose your account password.

Worried about remembering your key details?

We’ve taken care of that. Thanks to our friends at Money Button, all you need to remember is your paymail address, and password. Then you can simply make transfers and begin building your collection of digital assets.

Everything you need to know about paying with crypto

Have questions about your wallet? We have answers.

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