Tales of the Tape

Fabriik’s Chief Economist, Amos Nadler, Ph.D., is just one of a few published experts in neuro-behavioral economics – a niche field of study combining behavioral finance with neuroeconomics to determine what drives people’s behaviors when making financial decisions. By shedding light on the psychological and neuro triggers that occur during trading and resulting instinctive behaviors, Dr. Nadler provides insights for investors and traders to inform their trading strategies.

Dr. Nadler was awarded the Kauffman Neuroeconomics Fellowship following completion of his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University. His most acclaimed publication: “The Bull of Wall Street: Experimental Analysis of Testosterone and Asset Trading,” focuses on the effects of androgens on financial decision-making.

More money is better, right?..

Dr. Amos Nadler, Ph.D. Chief Economist at Fabriik Madonna’s clearly a material girl but Biggie warns us that money brings its own challenges. So how much money do we need to be happy? More money leads to more happiness in general, sure, but as we’ll see, it’s not that...

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The Decoy Effect of the Crypto World

There is a major force affecting the crypto markets and it’s been invisible to everyone, until now. It’s called the “decoy effect” and chances are you’ve been affected by it. You’re probably wondering what the decoy effect is, so let’s start with that. As much as it...

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Loss Chasing, or what happens when we lose

When we lose something valuable, we have an automatic reaction to want to undo the loss. Whether it be money, love, favorite shirt, or pet, we have a knee-jerk reaction to avoiding the pain. What we generally don’t do is accept our new lower account balance, single...

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