Is Bitcoin SV (BSV) an Investment Vehicle?

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) provides fast transactions at a lower price than more prominent cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Beyond these benefits, there are many other unique features of Bitcoin SV – but the question is, is it an up-and-coming crypto to invest in? Let’s dive into BSV’s features and uses.  

BSV’s Revolution to Restore the Original Blockchain Protocol 

Created in 2018, BSV emerged due to growing concerns that Bitcoin BTC lacked the proper scalability features (i.e., larger block size for faster transactions) to fulfill ongoing requirements.  

Before BSV came to be, there was the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BTC fork following BTC adding features, such as Light Network and Segwit, which were non-compliant with the original Bitcoin protocol. BTC forked away, continuing to leverage these features, and BCH took over as the original Bitcoin in August 2017.  

Then, BCH also diverted from the original Bitcoin protocol as it introduced non-compliant features. That’s where BSV came in -– as BCH forked away on November 15th, 2018. This day is widely known as Bitcoin Independence Day, with BSV renewing the original Bitcoin protocol.  

BSV started with a default block size of 128MB, which expanded to 2GB in July 2019 as part of its Quasar protocol update. In February 2020, BSV applied the Genesis upgrade, which enabled massive scaling by removing the traditional limits linked to Bitcoin’s protocol, making the BSV protocol the closest to Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator’s – Satoshi Nakamoto’s – original vision. (BSV stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.) 

BSV’s Superpowers 

BSV has addressed the many interoperability issues other networks face, specifically those creating bottlenecks for the trading community. These updates make the technology capable of supporting the pace of tomorrow’s business transactions today. BSV is not only fast – demonstrating a throughput of 50,000 transactions per second during testing – but it has the lowest environmental impact of any blockchain network because of its efficient consensus algorithm. BSV has also set records for the largest NFT at 1 GB and the largest blocks at over 2 GB. 

BSV’s advanced protocol provides multiple business functions, including: 

  • Micro Payments – A structured system to handle microtransactions right down to a fraction of a cent while providing real-time invoicing for convenient tracking and documentation.  
  • Intuitive Merchant Services – Access to multiple tools such as MAPI and Miner ID to set up secure and efficient merchant services with minimal delay. 
  • Smart Contract Language – BSV uses Bitcoin Scripting to self-execute agreements with unmatched accuracy and transparency.  
  • Regulation  A fixed and regulation-friendly protocol that provides stability required to maintain the highest standards of investor confidence.  

    Roy Bernhard, President & Chief Product Officer, stated, ‘BSV presents a stable framework that resumes the original mission of the Bitcoin blockchain that was previously distracted by market complexities and changing user sentiments. BSV continues to set crypto records – it’s a technology that deserves a close watch.’ 

    Business Adoption Drives BSV’s Value 

    While many might not have been familiar with BSV when it first hit the market, the BSV token has progressed in the cryptocurrency market since its release. As BTC gained market momentum, it created motion for BSV as familiarity increased. The technology advantages illustrated the power of BSV, and through further and varied use cases of the technology, it has become more valuable as an investment opportunity. 

    This growth is not only because of the potential within the technology but also because of what it stands for idealistically. The active BSV developer community fosters this growth by discussing ideas and leaning on supporters to raise funds to advance innovation. 

    Between rallies and corrections, BSV has grown to a price of US$161.13 at the time of this writing, with a market cap of $3 billion and an all-time high of $491.64. There are varied predictions about BSV, but many point to it being a potentially sound investment for the longer term as the technology is further utilized and the DeFi market strengthens. 

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