Unlock the power of your assets with Fabriik Digital Objects

Digital Objects


What we do

At Fabriik Tokenization we are helping you unlock the power and grow the liquidity of any asset you own.

Utility tokenization

Think loyalty programs, copyrights, carbon credits, contracts, etc.

Security tokenization

Unlock the value of your asset through financial enablement with the creation of digital objects on the Blockchain.

NFT tokenization

These are assets that can’t be broken down into pieces and traded, making them not easily tradable (illiquid). Imagine trying to sell the Mona Lisa after you cut it into a million pieces? Unique assets that cannot be duplicated.

Why choose Fabriik Tokenization

  • Low costs

    Leveraging the power of being built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Blockchain for low transaction and tokenization costs.

  • Seamless

    Launch your program without hiring a team of developers. Leave that to us. You’ve got business to take care of.

  • Simple

    A process so simple that your ideas can be out in the real world in no time.

  • Endless possibilities

    Build a loyalty program or digitize your assets. However you want to exchange value, Fabriik facilitates near-limitless simultaneous, low-cost transactions.

  • Digital wallet integration

    Have full control of your assets. Track and manage your assets thought the immutability of the Blockchain.

  • Proprietary token protocol

    Simple Fabriik Protocol (SFP) is our internally developed protocol which tracks token transfers on-chain but relies on a central server to authorize transactions. Scalable, customizable, with a wallet integration, SFP is excellent for business use cases.

Tap into limitless opportunities.

Our innovative financial ecosystem makes growing your digital assets quick and simple —whether you’re just getting started, want to hold and play the long game, or get a feel for trading in a fast-paced digital market — we’ve got the tools to guide you along the way.

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