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What we do

Fabriik is your center of excellence for all things tokenization. Whether you are looking to create your own NFTs or create loyalty, gaming or reward tokens, we can help!

Why BSV is best for tokens

Most digital asset tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain which is one of the most expensive protocols to use, making it – we believe – unsustainable as NFTs go mainstream. 

Lower costs & higher margin

Unbounded scaling capacity

No limitations on block size

Faster platform than ETH

Why choose Fabriik Tokenization

Simple Fabriik Protocol for Tokens

SFP tracks token transfers on-chain but relies on a central server to authorize transactions.

Seamless & Customizable

Our API can be integrated into your front-end design to create a custom token platform.

Direct Wallet Integration

Paymail based to directly integrate with Fabriik Money Button wallets.

Which tokenization is right for you?

We offer a full suite of tokenization services for enterprises and application developers. From project creation and management to token creation and issuance through our digital wallet Fabriik Money Button, to earning and redemption services, plus support tools to manage loyalty programs.​

Utility Tokenization

This may be right for you if you want to…

  • create tokens that have a redeemable value only.

  • retain full asset ownership and not distribute rights.

NFT Tokenization

This may be right for you if you want to…

  • digitize your collectibles to trade/sell.

  • create liquidity from distributing the ownership of your collectibles.

Fabriik and Transmira bring real estate tokenization to the virtual world.

Learn more about our proprietary tokenization Simple Farbiik Protocol for Tokens (SFP)

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