How Fabriik Tokenization works

How do I start with Fabriik Tokenization?

To ensure we are providing the best possible service and improving the experience we have launched the platform in a closed beta. To gain access to it please fill out the contact form and our team will review this and grant you access so that you can sign up.

Once you have access to our platform it’s simple.

How do I create a token?

  1.  Sign up (all you need is an email and password)
  2.  Verify your email
  3.  Create a username for your paymail address
  4.  Create your utility token (name, code & quantity)

How do you transfer a token?

Follow these three simple steps:

  1.  Enter paymail or BitcoinSV address of the recipient.
  2.  Enter the number of tokens you’d like to transfer.
  3.  Enter your transfer code.