A simple digital asset trading experience delivered through your application or website.


Improve the user experience for your customers with our super-simple exchange widget or API, so they can trade crypto without leaving your site.

Delivered directly into your app.

Real-time, fast, in-app trades.

Higher conversion rates.

Seamless user experience.


You can choose which implementation option is right for your business.

Embed our widget into your site experience.

Integrate our API with your custom front-end design.

CryptoFights & Fabriik Weave API deliver in-app crypto-to-crypto trading functionality to gamers. 

Trading and investment in digital assets involves a substantial risk of loss. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose. This content does not constitute investment advice and does not make recommendations on the suitability of a particular asset class, strategy, or course of action. You should consider seeking professional advice.